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Note: Coaches may respond to a prospect's request for information prior to September 1 of their junior year in high school provided the response does not include information that would initiate the recruitment of the prospect or information related to the institution's athletic program (ie: reply contains only explanation of current NCAA rule, referral to admissions department or generic letter with athletic questionnaire).

 Executive Staff  Fax: (845) 446-1322  
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Boo Corrigan  Director of Athletics  3701  boo.corrigan
Jonathan Evans  Deputy AD  8758  jonathan.evans
Bob Beretta  Executive AD  3303  robert.beretta
Annmarie Gambino Thompson  Senior Associate AD/Chief Financial Officer  7810  annmarie.thompson
Jason Butikofer  Senior Associate AD/Development  2322  jason.butikofer
Gene McIntyre  Associate AD for Recruiting/Admissions Support  2147  gene.mcintyre
Stephanie Menio  Assistant AD/SWA  2294  stephanie.menio
Rosemary Reeves  Administrative Assistant (Director of Athletics)  3701  rosemary.reeves
 Academics  Fax: (845) 446-7157    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Bill Irwin  Athletic Academic Support Coordinator  1176  william.irwin
Sara Jones  Athletic Academic Support Coordinator  9832  sara.jones
Angela Marathakis  Athletic Academic Support Coordinator  1175  angela.marathakis
 Admissions/Recruiting  Fax: (845) 938-8707    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Gene McIntyre  Associate AD for Recruiting/Admissions Support  2147  gene.mcintyre
Lisa Lloyd  Assistant, Admissions Support  3113  lisa.lloyd
 Army A Club  Fax: (845) 938-1725    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Jason Butikofer  Senior Associate AD/Development  2322  jason.butikofer
Zach Hurst  Assistant AD/Major Gifts Officer  446-1553  zach.hurst@wpaog.org
Garrett Munro  Assistant AD/Director, Army A Club  2322  garrett.munro
Michael Graffin  Assistant Director, Army A Club  2322  michael.graffin
Nick Logan  Assistant Director, Army A Club  2322  nick.logan
Fred Roland  Assistant Director, Army A Club  2322  fred.roland
Maureen Mrazek  Donor Services Manager  2322  maureen.mrazek
Stacy Schretzman  Operations Manager  2322  stacy.schretzman
Dawn Georgalas  Special Events Coordinator  2322  dawn.georgalas
Kirk Gatlin  Operations Assistant  2322  kirk.gatlin
Alan Daniel  Operations Assistant  2322  alan.daniel
Vanessa Hill  Marketing Assistant, Army A Club  2322  vanessa.hill
 Army Gift Shop  Fax: (845) 446-3039    
 Name  Position  (845)  @usma.edu
Christina Gunning  Army Gift Shop Supervisory Events Coordinator  446-3085  christina.juliano
 Aspire Fan Relationship Management Center      
 Name  Position  (845)  
Kevin Dwan  Manager  446-2318  kdwan@armyfrmc.com
Joe Begendorf  Team Leader  446-2075  joe@armyfrmc.com
Ed Dillon  Sales Consultant  446-2195  ed@armyfrmc.com
Alex Traugutt  Sales Consultant  446-2059  alex@armyfrmc.com
Nick Lander  Sales Consultant  446-2349  nick@armyfrmc.com
Group Tickets    446-2375  
 Army Sports Properties    
 Name  Position  (845) 446-   
Mike McCollum  General Manager  2500 ext. 203  mmccollum@armysportsproperties.com
Andrew Theokas  Account Executive  2500 ext. 202  atheokas@armysportsproperties.com
Shaun Sheftic  Sponsorship Coordinator  2500 ext. 201  ssheftic@armysportsproperties.com
 Athletic Communications - @ArmyAthletics Fax: (845) 938-1725    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Athletic Communications  Main Office Line  3303  
Brian Gunning  Associate AD (Men's Basketball, Football - secondary, Golf, Outdoor Track & Field)  6871  brian.gunning
Ryan Yanoshak  Assistant AD/Sp. Assist. to Exec. AD (Football - primary, Baseball)  7197  ryan.yanoshak
Tracy Nelson  Assistant Director/Director of Internet Services (Lacrosse, Hockey)  4090  tracy.nelson
Mady Salvani  Assistant Director/Director Research and Sp. Reports (Women's Soccer, Gymnastics, Rifle, Softball, Indoor Track & Field)  3512  madeline.salvani
Harrison Antognioni  Athletic Communications Assistant (Women's Basketball, Men's Soccer, Sprint Football, Wrestling, Men's Tennis, Women's Tennis)  6996  harrison.antognioni
Michelle Centolanza  Athletic Communications Coordinator (Swimming & Diving, Volleyball inquiries)  3303  michelle.centolanza
 Athletic Training    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Tim Kelly  Head Athletic Trainer  2747  tim.kelly
Dana Putnam  Associate Athletic Trainer  2180  dana.putnam
David Allen  Assistant Athletic Trainer  2282  david.allen
Jason Heiar  Assistant Athletic Trainer  2041  jason.heiar
Danielle Szalay  Assistant Athletic Trainer  4168  danielle.szalay
Ian Baldwin  Assistant Athletic Trainer  8216  ian.baldwin
Bobby Daplyn  Assistant Athletic Trainer  8044  robert.daplyn
Ben Leary  Assistant Athletic Trainer  2297  benjamin.leary
Nicole Payne  Assistant Athletic Trainer  6142  nicole.payne
Cody Watkins  Assistant Athletic Trainer  2171  cody.watkins
Josh Werk  Assistant Athletic Trainer  TBA  joshua.werk
Alex Ambrose  Assistant Athletic Trainer  8014  alex.ambrose
Mirie Chang  Assistant Athletic Trainer  TBA  tiffany.chang
Jacqui McCann  Assistant Athletic Trainer  TBA  jacqui.mccann
 Business Operations  Fax: (845) 938-8707    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Annmarie Gambino Thompson  Associate AD/Chief Financial Officer  7810  annmarie.thompson
Christine Corigliano  Financial Mangement Tech  6563  christine.corigliano
Alice Randazzo  Financial Mangement Tech  6563  alice.randazzo
Steven Barlar  Contracting Officer  6450  steven.barlar
Susan Herr  Purchasing Agent  2014  susan.herr
Tawna Mulherin  Accounts Payable  (903) 334-4531  
Cathy Rochelle  Accounts Receivable  (903) 334-5091  
 Compliance  Fax: (845) 938-8707
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Ron Salvatore  Assistant AD/Compliance & Academics  2576  ron.salvatore
Rachel York  Assistant Compliance Coordinator  1016  rachel.york
 Equipment  Fax: (845) 938-5731    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Equipment Room  Main Office Line  4320  
Nick Determan  Equipment Manager  4320  nicholas.determan
Steve Storms  Assistant Equipment Manager  4320  steve.storms
Gabriela Mercier  Assistant Equipment Manager  4320  gabriela.mercier
Adam Brooks  Assistant Equipment Manager  4320  adam.brooks
Marcus Jennings  Assistant Equipment Manager  4320  marcus.jennings
Joe Meyer  Assistant Equipment Manager  4320  joseph.meyer
Noah Strone  Assistant Equipment Manager  3711  noah.strone
 Facilities  Fax: (845) 938-3687    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Ben Russell  Associate AD/Facilities and Logistics  3002  ben.russell
Mike Rubbino  Assistant AD/ Facilities and Logistics  2330  michael.rubbino
 Information Management     
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Domenico D'Amico  Information Technology Specialist  6971  domenico.damico
Bob Lauridsen  Information Technology Specialist  3699  robert.lauridsen
Chris Perry  Information Technology Specialist  2386  christopher.perry
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Lt. Col. Mark West  Director of Logistics  5238  mark.west
Andrew Sammel  Logistics Manager  8405  andrew.sammel
Jose Queszada  Assistant Warehouse Manager  4313  jose.queszada
 Marketing - @ArmyAthletics Fax: (845) 938-1725    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Stephanie Menio  Assistant AD/Marketing/SWA  2294  stephanie.menio
Morgan Fleming  Assistant Director/Marketing  0065  morgan.fleming
Mike Richard  Assistant Director/Marketing  0707  michael.richard
 Multimedia/Broadcasting Fax: (845) 938-1725    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Rich DeMarco  Assistant AD/Multimedia and Broadcasting  4676  rich.demarco
Nick DeSanctis  Coordinator of Multimedia and Broadcasting  4520  nicholas.desanctis
 Operations  Fax: (845) 938-8707    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Brad Brown  Director of Team Operations  3682  bradley.brown
Lt. Col. Chuck Schretzman  Assistant AD/Operations  0388  charles.schretzman2
Capt. Ian Welch  Operations  4318  ian.welch
Shane Bell  Team Operations  3660  chane.bell
Lashanda Jack  Meals Coordinator  3668  lashanda.jack
 Strength/Conditioning  Fax: (845) 938-5288    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Scott Swanson  Director of Strength and Conditioning  5138  scott.swanson
Tim Caron  Head Football Strength and Conditioning Coach  TBA timothy.caron
Ashleigh Beaver  Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach  8046  ashleigh.beaver
Chris Clyde  Assistant Football Strength and Conditioning Coach  8046  christopher.clyde
Kyle Ferrell  Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach  5249  kyle.ferrell
Will Greenberg  Assistant Football Strength and Conditioning Coach  TBA william.greenberg
Darren Mustin  Assistant Football Strength and Conditioning Coach  TBA  TBA
Kenny O'Mary  Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach  0356  kenny.omary
Ryan Wood  Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach  2167  ryan.wood
 Summer Sports Camps    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Army Summer Sports Camps    7679  
 Ticket Office - @ArmyTIX  Fax:(845) 938-8146    
 Name  Position    @usma.edu
Ticket Office  Main Office Line  1-877-TIX-ARMY  
Scott Robson  Director of Ticket Sales and Operations  1-877-TIX-ARMY  scott.robson
Charissa Conley  Associate Director of Ticket Sales and Operations  1-877-TIX-ARMY  charissa.conley
Johnny Rath  Assistant Director of Ticket Sales and Operations  1-877-TIX-ARMY  john.rath
Laura Dinger  Ticket Associate  1-877-TIX-ARMY  laura.dinger
Spencer Smith  Ticket Associate  1-877-TIX-ARMY  TBA
Jim Scaglione  Ticket Assistant  1-877-TIX-ARMY  james.scaglione
Paxin Stern  Ticket Assistant  1-877-TIX-ARMY  TBA

 Baseball - @Army_Baseball  
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Matt Reid - @MattReidVA  Interim Head Baseball Coach  4938  matthew.reid
Anthony DeCicco  Assistant Baseball Coach  4929  anthony.decicco
Eric Folmar  Assistant Baseball Coach  5877  eric.folmar
Matt Smith  Volunteer Assistant Baseball Coach    msmith2488@live.com
 Men's Basketball - @Army_MBB    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Zach Spiker - @Coach_Spiker  Head Men's Basketball Coach  2419  zachary.spiker
Jimmy Allen  Assistant Men's Basketball Coach  4301  james.allen
Kevin App  Assistant Men's Basketball Coach  5151  kevin.app
Sean Rutigliano  Assistant Men's Basketball Coach  8015  sean.rutigliano
Quinton Ferrell  Assistant Men's Basketball Coach  8664  quinton.ferrell
Barb McMillen  Administrative Assistant  2419  barbara.mcmillen
 Women's Basketball - @WestPointWBB    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Dave Magarity  Head Women's Basketball Coach  2796  
Colleen Mullen  Associate Head Women's Basketball Coach  3734  colleen.mullen
Erin Mills  Assistant Women's Basketball Coach  3755  erin.mills
Emily Garner  Assistant Women's Basketball Coach  3632  emily.garner
Jenna McLaughlin  Assistant Women's Basketball Coach  3013  jenna.mclaughlin
Yvette Elridge  Administrative Assistant  4942  yvette.eldridge
 Football - @Army_Football    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Jeff Monken - @CoachJeffMonken  Head Coach    
Jay Bateman  Defensive Coordinator  6266  
Bob Bodine  Assistant Football Coach  6266  
Kevin Corless  Assistant Football Coach  6266  
Brent Davis  Assistant Football Coach  6266  
Jovan DeWitt  Assistant Football Coach  6266  
John Loose  Assistant Football Coach  6266  
Ray McCartney  Assistant Football Coach  6266  
Orlando Mitjans Jr.  Assistant Football Coach  6266  
Sean Saturnio  Assistant Football Coach  6266  
Lamont Seward  Assistant Football Coach  6266  
Todd Spencer  Assistant Football Coach  6266  
Mitch Ware  Assistant Football Coach  6266  
Tucker Waugh  Assistant Football Coach  6266  tucker.waugh
Scott Swanson  Director of Strength and Conditioning  5138  scott.swanson
Tim Caron  Head Football Strength and Conditioning Coach  TBA timothy.caron
Chris Clyde  Assistant Football Strength and Conditioning Coach  8046  christopher.clyde
Will Greenberg  Assistant Football Strength and Conditioning Coach  TBA william.greenberg
Darren Mustin  Assistant Football Strength and Conditioning Coach  TBA  TBA
Kevin Shearer  Director of Video Operations  0360  kevin.shearer
 Golf - @WestPoint_Golf    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-   
Brian Watts  Head Golf Coach  3819  brian.watts
Rich Brazeau  Assistant Golf Coach  3819  richard.brazeau
 Gymnastics - @Army_Gymnastics    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Dr. Doug VanEveren  Head Gymnastics Coach  3802  doug.vaneveren
Carmine Giglio  Assistant Gymnastics Coach  3802  carmine.giglio
Carl Schrade  Assistant Gymnastics Coach  3802  carl.schrade
 Hockey - @Army_Hockey    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Brian Riley - @Coach_BRiley  Head Hockey Coach  3711  brian.riley
Trevor Large  Assistant Hockey Coach  3711  trevor.large
Eric Lang  Assistant Hockey Coach  3711  eric.lang
Operational Inquiries    3711  
 Lacrosse - @Army_Lacrosse    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Joe Alberici - @ArmyLaxCoach  Head Lacrosse Coach  2429  joe.alberici
Mac Diange  Assistant Lacrosse Coach  2429  anthony.diange
Kyle Georgalas  Assistant Lacrosse Coach  2429  kyle.georgalas
 Rifle - @Army_Rifle    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Maj. Ron Wigger  Head Rifle Coach  4558  ronald.wigger
Rick Johnson  Assistant Rifle Coach  0518  rick.johnson
 Men's Soccer - @Army_MSoccer    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Russell Payne  Head Men's Soccer Coach  2420  russell.payne
Steve McAnulty  Assistant Men's Soccer Coach  5204  steve.mcanulty
Richard Costanzo  Assistant Men's Soccer Coach  2463  richard.costanzo
 Women's Soccer - @Army_WSoccer    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Marcia McDermott  Head Women's Soccer Coach  4826  marcia.mcdermott
Renee Pilch  Assistant Women's Soccer Coach  6001  renee.pilch
Lorraine Quinn  Assistant Women's Soccer Coach  4598  lorraine.quinn
 Softball - @ArmyWSoftball    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Michelle DePolo  Head Softball Coach  4112  michelle.depolo
Ty Singleton  Assistant Softball Coach  2575  Tyler.Singleton
Chelsea Cantillo  Assistant Softball Coach  4443  Lauren.Cantillo
 Sprint Football - @ArmySprintFB    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Lt. Col. Mark West  Head Sprint Football Coach  0479  mark.west
 Swimming and Diving - @ArmySwimandDive    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Mickey Wender  Head Swimming Coach  3604  mickey.wender
Tim Loeffler  Assistant Swimming Coach  TBA  timothy.loeffler
Eric Bugby  Assistant Swimming Coach  3928  eric.bugby
Darcy Heuser  Assistant Swimming Coach  6052  darcy.heuser
Ron Kontura  Diving Coach  4207  ron.kontura
 Men's Tennis - @ArmyMensTennis    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Jim Poling  Head Men's Tennis Coach  6011  james.poling
Randy Rowley  Associate Head Men's Tennis Coach  6015  randy.rowley
 Women's Tennis - @Army_WTennis    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Paul Peck  Head Women's Tennis Coach  4452  paul.peck
Christa Macsay  Assistant Women's Tennis Coach  6015  christa.macsay
 Track & Field/Cross Country - @Army_TrackXC    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Troy Engle - @ArmyXCTFCoach  Head Track/Cross Country Coach  2425  troy.engle
Rondell Ruff  Assistant Track Coach  5072  rondell.ruff
Jon Hill  Assistant Track Coach  4326  jonathan.hill
Shannon O'Brien  Assistant Track Coach  7616  shannon.obrien
Brian Bancroft  Assistant Track Coach  TBA  TBA
Lauren Smith  Assistant Track Coach  TBA  TBA
 Volleyball - @Army_Volleyball    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Alma Kovaci - @ArmyVBCoach  Head Volleyball Coach  6150  alma.kovaci
Stafford Barzey  Assistant Volleyball Coach  3294  stafford.barzey
TBA  Assistant Volleyball Coach  6007  TBA
 Wrestling - @Army_Wrestling    
 Name  Position  (845) 938-  @usma.edu
Joe Heskett  Head Wrestling Coach  7671  joseph.heskett
Paul Young  Assistant Wrestling Coach  5999  paul.young2
Brad Pataky  Assistant Wrestling Coach  5028  brad.pataky
Enock Francois  Volunteer Assistant Wrestling Coach  3123  enock.francois
Paul Merritt  Director of Wrestling Operations  6239  paul.merritt