Epp-Ic Thoughts: Blog 1

Feb. 7, 2014

Junior Kevin Epp shares stories, knowledge and general lacrosse team news in his weekly blog entitled "Epp-ic Thoughts."

Epp is a three-year letterwinner and long stick midfielder for the Black Knights. He made his way to West Point from Naperville, Ill.

His first entry of 2014 can be found below ...

Army Lacrosse fans, it’s everyone’s favorite third string pole…back for another year of writing the blog. I’ve been busy working with Team USA and upping my draft status in the post-season. Still waiting on a call from the Cannons; must have been a mistake last year. To the coaching staff’s dismay, I still haven’t grown six inches or put on the 40 pounds from sophomore year when I wore #21. Enough about me though. Let me recap the last eight months or so of Army Lacrosse.


There are a lot of opportunities for folks to go on trips and do internships around here. From Africa to Tajikistan (completely unaware that was a country), to Washington State, to the Pentagon. This year the guys on the team did some pretty interesting things. Here are just a few:

Bobby Sincero: Our local goalie went out to Colorado Springs to work with the US Olympic Committee. He went there claiming to do work to further our country’s athletic prowess. Here’s what actually happened: he talked to hippies about government conspiracies, referred to himself as “The Dude” for the entire trip, went sand dune boarding, and hiked Pikes Peak (an elevation of 1,411 feet). Upon arrival to school, Bob started selling hemp bracelets to guys on the team and even made one for Coach Georgalas.

Nate Gustafson: Ole Gooser went to the Pentagon and worked in the Army G-48. Thanks for the help, Nater, but I have absolutely no clue what an Army G-48 does. Don’t worry, however, I took the liberty of doing a quick Google search. Here’s what I found: “Resource Integration Directorate; manages the Sustainment Program Evaluation Group and integrates logistics resources across the Army.” Despite reading the definition verbatim from the Army’s website, I’m still clueless as to what Nate did this summer. So I asked him, and here’s how he defined it - “The Army has a ton of stuff they don’t need and they need to figure out the most cost effective way of dealing with it. I think while I was there we saved the Army $6 mil so it was pretty useful.” Ipso facto, Nate Gustafson is a millionaire who works in the Pentagon. He’s a 6’3’’, blonde, single, giant Anglo-saxon. If you need to get a hold of him, I have his contact information.

Bill Baird, Pat Hart, Dave Tarsa: These three took a trip to Fort Lewis up in Washington State so they could each shadow a platoon leader for three weeks. Coincidentally, they also met up with a few Army Lacrosse alums that are stationed there as well: Tom Dalton, John Adair, Brian and Larry LoRusso, Conor Hayes, and Tom Palesky. Long story short, it’s an Army Lacrosse party up in Washington and we’re all invited. On another note, Dave spent “a lot of the nights in the field” and Pat “had the hotel to myself a lot during the week.” Sounds like a real barn burner.

Nick Isnardi: This was his summer, and I quote, “I lived with 12 people in a house, on an Island, in a beach town with no paved roads and one single convenience store for four days. It’s a magical place called Fire Island.” It’s an untelevised reality show. Not for the timid.

John Burk: Johnny and his protruding cleft chin finally left the eastern seaboard and flew up to Washington State for a few weeks this summer. He shadowed aviators in the 160thSpecial Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) and flew in CH-47s. Along with Bill, Pat, and Dave, John met up with a bunch of the lax alums circa 2011/2012.

Alex Daly: Took a trip to a Nascar Race in Dover, Del., in hopes of meeting Tony Stuart and hearing a Ted Nugent tribute band. Fully decked out in jorts and camo, he got trackside access. Highlights of the trip: running into our equipment managers, Marcus and Scott, and becoming victims of heat stroke. Alex later divulged that Jimbo Moore promised he would come but “got caught up in a freak lightnin’ storm when he went out fishin’ on tha’ James River and couldn’t make it up to my house in time.” Alex still seems sour about the whole thing.

Those are just a handful of experiences from a fraction of the players over the summer. Onto the fall …


Each fall when the team shows up from the summer there three new things waiting for us, 1) a diet to shave off the 15 pounds of Funyuns , 2) a new group of freshmen, and 3) a new team motto. Last year’s motto was “Everything Matters.” This year’s motto has been changed to “Attack.” Attack everything you do, full energy, no holds barred, no excuses. This new motto was a little difficult for some people to figure out. And by “some people”… I mean the majority of the freshmen class. A little caveat: a few of them would have a hard time finding their way out of a cardboard box. So the coaching staff had to explicitly tell us what we can and cannot ‘Attack’. The final list looked a little like this:

                Attack: The classroom, positive relationships, the weight room, practice, film

                DO NOT Attack: Dunkin Donuts, Roommates, Panda Express, teachers, your parents, pets

We held this motto throughout the fall and into our scrimmages against Harvard and St. Johns. At the end of every fall, each player has a roughly 30-minute meeting with Coach A to see where they stand on the team, what they can improve on, and a little look forward into the post-season. To give you a little insight, because apparently that’s what this blog is for, I’ll give you a peek into my own personal meeting with Coach. From what I remember, my conversation with him went a little like this:

Me - *announce my arrival, open door, approach Coach, shake Coach’s hand as hard as possible, maintain eye contact the entire time*

Coach- “Good to see you three-one, how do you think you did this fall?”

Me- “Well I think I did pretty well to be hones-“

Coach - “Sounds great. Listen, you’re going to do the blog this year, could you grab me a Diet Coke on the way out?”

I don’t have the best memory, but I’m fairly certain that’s exactly how it happened. Don’t trust me on that though. I’ve also recently found out that nobody else’s meetings go like that either.

Highlights of the Week:

-I’m no longer allowed to shoot the ball.

-Ray Horgan ate a jar of peanut butter in one sitting.

-Mike Larrabee decided he likes Almond Joy more than Twix. More to follow on this.

Hope to see you at Michie tomorrow!






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