McMillan: West Point Open testament to hard work of alums

Jan. 18, 2014

WEST POINT - Chris Fulton credits gymnastics for the reason why he came to West Point, leading to a 30-year career in the military and promotion to colonel. So when new Army coach Doug VanEveren asked Fulton, the team's officer representative, to help put on an invitational meet in 1992 he was only too glad to sign on.

After that first West Point Open, though, it's a wonder it ever reached year two.

"Oh my gosh, we didn't get any sleep," Fulton said of the two-man operating committee. "We did everything, from setting up the equipment to cleaning after it was done and giving out the awards. It was non-stop work from way before the meet started to quite a bit afterward."

Fortunately, VanEveren is as good a pied-piper as he is a gymnastics coach, and over the years he has compiled a loyal list of volunteers...

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