Press Conference Quotes - Jeff Monken, Army Head Football Coach

March 6, 2014

(Ref.: opening statement)
"I would like to say thank you to the Yankees, an unbelievable organization, and the Steinbrenner family. It's a thrill for me, personally, to be here. It's my first time in Yankee Stadium. I grew up a Major League Baseball fan. I'm a Chicago kid, and I followed the Cubs. I have a great respect for the brand. When you see that brand on the front of a Yankees hat, you know what that means in terms of excellence and championships. We're excited as a football team for this season and the opportunity along the way to play against a great UConn team and what that will mean to our players, coaches and our fans to be able to be here in this stadium where we have such a history. We're looking forward to it and appreciate the opportunity."

(Ref.: added pressure playing at Yankee Stadium)
"I don't know that the venue adds pressure. I think playing the game itself against a great team like Connecticut, our players will recognize that they are a team that is a winning football team, been to bowl games, been to BCS bowl games, something that our guys haven't had the opportunity to be a part of. Just playing a team like UConn in a stadium like this is a great opportunity for those kids. The one thing that is unique about service academies is that our kids get to experience some great venues like NFL stadiums and the Army-Navy Game. This will be one of those games that they'll remember. The chance to play here will be really special, but I don't know if it puts more pressure on those guys. It will certainly make the game that much more special."

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