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About the Army A Club

The Army A Club is dedicated to supporting the United States Military Academy's overall mission and the mission of Army Athletics by generating financial support for the purpose of providing an extraordinary Division-I athletic experience that develops leaders of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country.

As a thank you for their generous support of the Army A Club and our outstanding cadet-athletes, members have the opportunity to receive exclusive benefits ranging from premium parking for home football games to preferred seating and invitations for Army Athletic events. Most importantly, member's tax-deductible gifts provide the financial support necessary to enhance the cadet-athlete experience at the United States Military Academy.

Reasons to Give

Due to significant budget constraints in an ever changing and dynamic fiscal environment, the Office of the Directorate of Intercollegiate Athletics (ODIA) is responsible for generating over 73 percent of our budget from external sources in 2014 compared to 62 percent in 2012 and 68 percent in 2013. These sources include ticket sales, corporate sponsorships and licensing agreements, as well as a large portion from private donations by Army A Club members. Together, the support provided by the members of the Army A Club directly impacts the ability of Army Athletics to fulfill its mission.