As you prepare to send your camper off to summer sports camps many questions come to mind. Below you will find a compilation of the most common questions parents and campers may ask.

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My payment was processed, but my camper account still shows unpaid, did my registration go through?

Yes, as long as you received an e-mail confirmation for your credit card payment you are set! It may take up to a week for the payment to reflect on your camper account.

When will I receive confirmation?

You will receive an immediate confirmation once you register online. You may also receive separate mailings from your specific camp office regarding your camp session.

Will I be able to meet the camp staff before camp?

Yes. Army Athletics camp counselors/staff will be available during registration to meet and speak with parents and campers.

Does camper need a physical to attend camp?

Yes, every camper must have a parent/guardian sign off on the health/waiver portion of their camper registration. You will not be able to complete your registration until you have accepted the health/waiver terms.

Does camper need to have health insurance to attend camp?

Yes. It is mandatory. Every camper must have valid health insurance to attend camp(s). Insurance information needs to be submitted for every camper before your camp registration is accepted.

Short term medical insurance can be purchased through a variety of insurers that can be found on the internet. You will be asked to provide the name of your insurer as well as the policy number.

Will Army Sports Camps training staff administer medications to campers?

An OTC (Over the Counter) medicine release form will need to be completed and signed by parent/guardian and a physician. (click here)

What is the ratio of counselors to campers?

A minimum of 10:1 is maintained at all camps.

When is the last time I will be able to make changes to my enrollment information?

We will lock the registration system 4 weeks prior to the start of camp. However, you will still be able to view your camper's account. If a critical change needs to be made contact your specific sport camp representative directly.

Is there a wait list for sold out camps?

Yes. You must contact your specific sports camp directly to sign up.

Do you accept same day registrations?

Most camp sessions will take same day registrations. Each camp will determine any vacant slots the morning of registration.

Does Army Athletics cancel camp sessions?

Army Athletics reserves the right to cancel any camp, at any time. If a camp cancellation occurs, notification and a full refund will be given, minus the registration fee.

My camper has food allergies, who can I contact to discuss and coordinate their dining requests?

E-mail your sports camp directly to obtain your dining facility and chef contact information.

What should my camper bring to camp?

On our home page, under the Forms/Info link you will find a detailed camp packing list and other pertinent information pertaining to your campers sports session or (click here).

How many campers are in a room?

A typical barracks room will house up to 4 campers.

Will the dorms be air conditioned?

The buildings are not air conditioned. For your campers comfort please ensure they bring a fan with them to camp.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

Each camp will have the option of using an indoor facility for training sessions. We will not participate outdoors in lightning or severe weather and will take all precautions during high heat indexes.

How are campers supervised during non-training session hours?

Camp Counselors are divided up throughout all barracks utilized to provide ample supervision. Camp counselors representing each camp session will stay in the barracks overnight. There will be an Athletic Trainer housed at the barracks.

Is there a canteen/eatery available to campers and parents?

The answer is yes!
Our campers are given the opportunity to visit Grant Hall during evening hours. Grant Hall is dining facility within walking distance of the barracks area. Grant Hall offers a variety of fast food items, pizza, sandwiches, ice cream, snacks and more.

Is there a gift shop available to campers and parents?

During camp registrations Army Athletics Gift Shop will open an on-site sales booth stocked with apparel and merchandise. You can also visit our main gift shop, located outside Thayer Gate for a full selection of Army Athletics merchandise (click here).

Is swimming offered to sports campers?

Most camps offer recreational swim time. If your camper chooses to swim during their camp session they will be required to take a swim test. Testing will be given the first day of camp and is mandatory for participation in this activity.

Can parent's attend camp sessions/tournaments?

Absolutely! Parents and family members are always welcomed and encouraged to attend. We believe that a player's development is enhanced by family support. Don't forget your camera! You will be allowed to watch drills and competitions without prior approval.

If your camper needs something from home, or to meet with you, prior approval from camp administration is mandatory. Parents are not allowed in the barracks area during camp week without a counselor escort. Any parent that does not make prior arrangements through the camp sport office will be escorted off of post and your camper may be removed from their camp session.

If a camper needs to check out of camp early or on a temporary basis proper ID is required and only a parent or guardian on file may sign out camper. Prior arrangements will need to be made directly with your camp staff.


What is the closest airport(s) to the United States Military Academy?

Stewart International, Newburgh, NY
Newark Airport, Newark, NJ
Laguardia Airport, East Elmhurst, NY
JFK Airport, Jamaica, NY

Is transportation provided by Army Athletics to and from the airport?

You will need to contact you specific sports camp to make prior arrangements.